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Cosmo Hamsters Storytelling

Chapter One (Acquaintance)

Many light years ago, peace and order reigned in the galaxy. In one of the parallel universes, hidden from the general intergolontic turmoil, there was an insanely beautiful and extraordinary world of Cosmo Hamsters, which defied the explanation of the universe. There was a feeling of mutual understanding, lightness and calmness in the air.
This place was inhabited by space hamsters, who were originally engaged in the improvement of fields, the construction of dwellings and forging weapons for the defense of their small corner, but there was also one of the five materials with which you can construct the most terrible weapon in the galaxy, which was called ‘XEOM’.

Chapter Two (Legend)

There were legends that a creature named Crown, who belonged to the Cosmo Tigers race, called a large group of like-minded people to raise an uprising against the entire galaxy. Krauun managed to construct a weapon “Xeom” from the outer shell of the galaxy. During the battle for the entire vast universe, Crown and his army suffered a crushing defeat from Cosmo Hamsters led by the great and just winner Helias. Before the fall of the leader, he managed to hide all five materials in a randomly generated sequence of locations using the “REPL” technology.

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Chapter Three (Battle)

No one knew that Crown had a son, Hinfrei, who had been preparing and studying for a long time in order to avenge his father and bring his case to an end. So Hinfrey was able to collect four sources of weapon power, and the last one, as we already know, was on the territory of Cosmo Humsters.
A great battle took place and the forces of the Cosmo Tigers sides exceeded everything allowed, the space hamsters were defeated. King Cosmo Hamsters Aduin, saw huge losses and how his people were simply subjugated and taken hostage.
You have a mission to free all Cosmo Hamster, and restore balance in the vastness of the galaxy. Start now, there’s not much time left.

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